Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Pig in My Mother's Kitchen

My mother has a pig (dressed in a French chef’s uniform and holding a chalkboard) sitting on her counter. Whenever I go home, I am always flattered to see that the pig has been made aware of my impending visit, and has written a message for me. “Welcome home, Carrie Ann,” it says. Thanks pig.

On this last trip I noticed two things about the French pig. First, he had festively decorated his chalkboard with holly, and second, he was wearing a rather large and ornate cross conspicuously around his neck.

Here’s the deal about crosses in my house. Although we are most definitely Christian, we do not use the cross or crucifix in worship or in decoration, whether it be interior or exterior design, or personal adornment. This is simply because we worship the living Christ, the one who was resurrected.

It’s no big deal really (except to the Baptists and Evangelicals). We don’t mind that it’s the commonly accepted sign for Christianity; we just don’t use it ourselves. So when a friend would give us a cross necklace for our birthdays or Christmas, we would thank them sincerely and put it in a drawer or something (after they went home, of course).

So I am puzzled when I see a cross on the pig.

I asked my mother about it and she said that the pig was French, and that he had always been a Catholic. She says she has tried to talk to him about the church, but he’s just not interested. I think that by wearing a cross, the pig is trying to send a subtle message to my mom. Point well taken, pig.


JP said...

You kill me! So laughing...your mom's a riot.

I admire the pig for his conviction...a tad worried about his fashion sense.

Kacy said...

That'll do pig. That'll do.

[I like to say that whenever it is even close to appropriate, because I love Babe--more specifically, I love the farmer in Babe. The most appropriate time to say this was after the 150 lb pig we roasted was done and I generously fed the line to Christian. It killed.]

Star said...

Wow. Could I be laughing any harder at 11:27 on a Monday night? Probably not. That was priceless(*a tear*). I wish my mother had a pig to welcome me home. Also, does your pig speak french? Zut Zut et zut! Merci!

Alice said...

To be honest I didn't think you would have a new post when I visited tonight, but here I am a quarter to midnight with the images of a French pig garnished in festive wear, adorned with a cross, in a Mormon house hold, arguing with a mother about his beliefs floating through my head... And all I can think of is, "oh the dreams I'll have tonight."

Thanks Carrie Anne I can now rest my head.

Cameron H said...

Carrie Ann, has your mom considered any of the following: Invite the pig to Family Home Evening. Give the pig a copy of the Book of Mormon. Or she can go to,10197,820-1-1736765,00.html and send him a Pass Along Card.

Carly said...

Why not take the pig to a testimony meeting (minus the cross)?

me said...

Okay that is a seriously funny story! I stumbled across your blog tonight, and have been chuckling here like a mad man. It actually kinda made me miss Provo, but just for a moment! Provo:It's a love-hate thing. ;-)

Keep blogging! I'll pray for the pig.