Thursday, January 06, 2005

Goodbye & Good Riddance: Tom

I am still too infuriated to be relieved that Tom got kicked off the show “Wickedly Perfect”. In case you don’t know, I tried out for the show and did not make it (see former pathetic “The Would-Be Domestic Diva”), but don’t view my forthcoming weekly critiques as sour grapes. View my ranting as from one who knows… an expert, if you will.

(I totally could have been on that show, you know… I just didn’t open the bag.)

I have NEVER in ALL MY LIFE seen such a display, and outburst really, of blatant rudeness and immaturity as Tom’s tirade against the obnoxious but naïve Darlene. He was out of control, and I am SO disappointed that no one stepped up at that moment and said, “Wait a minute Tom, you’re out of line.” (I SO would have done it…I love to be the one who bursts someone’s power bubble…a tragic fault I’ll admit).

Obviously, the team responded to his weird behavior and voted his butt off. Gees, no wonder he is “retired”. Read: incompetent to lead…


Looking ahead:

I think you’re in trouble if you can’t cook

Please no more apple peel lamp shades (I would have voted that girl off vigilante-style for that one)

Never be catty on a reality show (how many times do we need to learn that lesson America?)

Joan Lunden needs to spice her hosting style up with some cardamom pods and a pinch of allspice (and tied with a nice bow of raffia)

Not so sure about these judges: of course CBS had to use their “who’s ever heard of him grammy nominee or not” style guy but what does he know, Candace Bushnell? Please! She writes slutty TV shows and slutty books (believe me, I’ve read/seen ‘em all) and her outfit was too heavy on the slutty-not-chic boots, the chef guy is the only reputable judge of anything, but he’s going to be heavy on the cooking and there’s SO much more to this than that. Who they really need is Marth… wait scratch that…

Looking forward to next week… bring it on CBS.

P.S. Todd’s already mad that I could have won him a truck.


Carly said...

Will you come to my house and tell me what to do with it? I have always had this dream that Martha S comes over and says "okay, the first thing you need to do is lose the ceramic rooster" etc. Now that I have discovered you and your hilarious blog, I feel like my dream has come true. Plus, you are a lot more personable and funny than MS. And you would probably gloss over the fact that I need to clean A LOT. When is Wickedly Perfect on, anyway?

JP said...

First of all I'm going to tell you that I SO wish I could tell you how you would've TOTALLY rocked on that show!! I can't tell you that, though, because you'll probably get mad at me for pouring salt in a wound...I do not like to pour salt.

Second of all...I must also state that my house could use a touch of CarrieAnn. Next time you're in California, my time. ;)

Anonymous said...

If only you'd opened the bag. I truly believe.

Suzie Petunia said...

We watched with knots in our stomachs. I felt sick the whole while. We decided at the beginning that Tom must have been Taylor's counter-part. He seemed relatively straight in the beginning, and his comments about the domestic arts belonging to men as much as women... We decided to root for him. We were embarassed to have done so the minute he excluded Darlene from his chatty-chat-chat(a new phrase I've picked up from Waverly) session with the girls regarding who to vote off. What a baby.

Taylor was pretty miffed about the truck, too.

Alice said...

I am so glad that your current participation in the show takes place from your couch... What a travisty it would be to loose the REAL "Wickedly Perfect" from the blog world to the reality television show world.