Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More of the Meme

4 jobs I have held:
1. Secretary and general office lackey
2. Restaurant cook and private family cook
3. Store Planner/Fixture Designer/Merchandiser
4. Retail Exec at Macy’s

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Jumanji (I did watch it every day for 2 months straight)
2. Lord of the Rings – I want to make this a tradition on the Friday after Thanksgiving or something that we watch the entire series, the extended versions
3. Singing in the Rain
4. Xanadu

4 places I have lived:

1. St. Louis
2. Boston
3. Scotland
4. Utah – although this is still hard to admit, I’ve been here for over 10 years!

4 categories of TV programming I enjoy:
How ‘bout I tell you which shows I watch?
1. America’s Next Top Model – the only show I get really excited about
2. The Office & 30 Rock
3. Mo’Niques Charm School: Flava of Love Girls – I laugh out loud a lot when watching this guilty pleasure…it must make me feel better about myself
4. Heroes

4 places I have been on holiday:

1. Cozumel (my fave)
2. Hawaii (my 2nd fave)
3. Bahamas (we were there for work, but Todd got to come so we had a lot of fun with our $90 per diem)
4. Portland/Seattle/Houston/St. George or anywhere we have family

4 of my favorite dishes:

1. Caramel Apples
2. Bonzai Burger at Red Robin
3. Pork anything at Café Rio
4. Anything fatty and salty except for salted lard

4 websites I visit daily/weekly:

1. blogs
2. blogs
3. blogs
4. anthropologie

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. with Todd in Japan/China/Thailand – he’s having awesome sushi and he's blogging photos...check it out
2. in my bed with a movie waiting in the DVD player– oh wait, I’m there
3. riding a Stella scooter through town in a flow-y dress
4. with Todd in the garden

4 bloggers to do the same:
1. Spencer and Sho (both of you!)
2. Emma Jo
3. Blanche
4. Pretty Daisy

Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Shoots Gravel from a Cannon?

Recently, I went to This is the Place Heritage Park with Mo and Dad.
this is the place heritage park

We attended the "christening" of two new trains that will carry people around the park. Well there were supposed to be two. They wanted to have a mini golden spike ceremony to commemorate the mini trains, but only one train was finished on time. There were many "pioneers" there, and Brigham Young himself MC-ed the event.

This is Mo and Dad standing in front of the ZCMI replica general store. I think Dad is sponsoring the store this year. Doesn't he look so natural standing there?
Dad the merchant

As we were waking back to the car after the festivities, we heard a loud BOOM, and naturally, we stopped and sort of ducked. We looked up and saw a "pioneer" in the middle of the street with a small cannon. No sooner had we registered this sight than smoking gravel began pelting us from above. Smoking gravel. My first thought was "Who shoots gravel from a cannon in a public setting?"

As the gravel continues to rain down, we realized that it was salt water taffy. Little pieces of smoking salt water taffy were now all around, and out of nowhere kids were suddenly scooping it up off the sidewalks and off the dirt streets. Because, hey...free candy. The children gathered in like chickens as the "pioneer man" threw out fresh, un-charred pieces to the crowd. This is why I like replica pioneer villages.
children like chickens

Monday, May 07, 2007

Monthly Financial Summit

Saturday night Todd and I had our monthly financial summit. This is where we sit down and look at the state of our finances, make plans, strategems, decisions... We plan for the future; access our needs, wants, and desires. But what it turned into was Todd making a really elaborate Excell spreadsheet while I tried on clothes from the closet. Go Team Rhodarson!