Friday, November 05, 2010

A Bad Day for Smokie: Todd's entry at Sundance

Todd has a funny little brain. This is really an outtake of our shooting part of Mo's 60th birthday video, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rest In Peace, Fiona (May 2000-September 2010)

Some of you might be visiting my blog hoping to see about the amazing, wonderful, FUN trip we took to visit Mom and Dad in Stockholm. I promise that blog is coming.

One reason I haven't posted said blog is because Fiona became really sick when we got home and progressed really quickly until today when she passed away here at home with Todd at her side.

Fiona was 10 years old and had had a happy life. We are very sad and will miss her a lot.

Here are some things we will miss about Fiona:

...her eagerness to see us every time we came home... even if it was from getting the mail.
...her soft, soft ears.
...her love of sniffing and exploring everything.
...her love of swimming in any body of water deep enough to allow it.
...her love of playgrounds and slides.
...her corn-chip-smelling feet.
...people asking us if she was a puppy.
...cold noses asking for a petting.
...never having any food on the floor, ever.
...her love of sticks and "having a job" to do on walks.
...her sticking her head between your legs from behind and looking up at you.
...her singing.
...the good tricks.
...her love of learning new tricks.
...nosing her puzzle ball around the house.
...playing hide-and-go-seek.
...her snap to attention upon hearing "kitty" or "birdie."
...the begrudging way she posed for pictures.
...the way she ignored the nieces and nephews and refused to do anything they asked. easy she was to potty train.
...her pretty eyes and they way she looked up while resting her head on your knee.

Here are some things we will NOT miss about Fiona:

...her waking us up on windy nights.
...her pawing the bed when she was ready to go out.
...her love of chocolate (and the aftermath).
...her making people cry when they rang the door bell.
...her relentless pursuit of items from the pantry including flour, wheat bulger, and mini marshmallows.
...her stuffing food down the corners of the couch and chairs.
...biting crotches.
...running her cold nose up the backs of ladies' legs in skirts.
...staring at me from halfway behind a corner.
...finding shoes and pantry items stashed away in her secret places.
...picking up her poop.
...her love of chewing through straps on purses, bags, luggage, and seat belts.

Here are some of our favorite photos of Fiona (if you can believe it, Fiona was born beyond the boundaries of digital cameras, so I will have to add photos of her earliest years later when I have time to scan some in).

Fiona in the Cone of Shame.

Fiona modeling some baby gifts.

Fiona and Cubby. See how she is leaning away...

Fiona keeping me company when I was sick.

Fiona doing her job on a walk.

Typical Fiona.

Fiona enjoying the sun.

Last night we went for a walk.

Poor girl, you could tell she wasn't feeling good, but she loves being outside.

Here's the part where I end with a nice dignified picture of Fiona, but I have to find it and scan it in.

Fiona brought us a lot of joy and was good company for us for 10 years and 3 months of our 10 years and 7 months of being married. In spite of her many faults, Fiona had many friends and admirers who will also miss her dearly. We thank you for your prayers and love. Please remember our little friend fondly.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

An Ode to Todd: Happy Birthday, BFF

So Todd was born on August 1, 1974. I am so glad that he was! No, really... I am SO glad that he was born.


This is my favorite picture of Todd. This is the REAL Todd. If ever there was a picture that captured the purity of the soul, it's this one. And I find that appropriate because with Todd, what you see is what you get. He is one of the most genuine, unpretentious people I know.


Wait... oops, I said real, right? Well don't let this picture fool you...


...or this picture.

Todd DOES NOT like to dress up. He likes to be himself. If he is ever seen about town as Elvis or a pirate, it is usually because I have coerced him into it.

Todd does not like attention. Not even positive attention. He gets embarrassed. He doesn't mind recognition, but attention is totally different.


He likes to be recognized for being funny, but by that I mean that he likes you to laugh at his jokes, but if you were to tell him, "You're really funny," he might be embarrassed, because the latter is attention and the former is recognition.


Todd is a lot of fun to hang out with. I am glad that if I couldn't have kids I couldn't have kids with Todd. I never get sick of him. Every Monday, I miss him because I had to him to myself the whole weekend.


That being said, Todd is really good with kids. He would make the BEST dad. He is silly and he makes up really good songs.


Wait, he can be tender, too.



Awww... He loves his nieces and nephews. I have loads of photos of him with the chlins', but my computer illiteracy prevents me from posting them.

Which brings me to things that Todd is good at:



Problem solving and figuring things out

He's way handy (he can fix just about anything)

Singing (and making up songs)


Making people laugh


Cooking meat (BBQ)




Making his wife happy (and making her laugh out loud on a daily, nay, hourly, basis)


Here are some things Todd likes:

Corn dogs





Camping and the Great Outdoors


The smell of warm pine needles and mountain air

Humoring his wife


Kissing (his wife)

I feel very proud of Todd. I will try to recognize him for the following and try to NOT embarrass him...


Todd has done some really hard things. He has started a company. He got his MBA. He has held scary callings at church. I am convinced that his capacity for growth is endless. There is nothing he can't take on and conquer. And that brings me to another really good quality: he is a superhero. He IS unbreakable.


I can trust Todd. I know he will always choose the right thing to do. I don't have to worry too much about what he does or who he hangs around with when he travels. Todd is the kind of person other people want to be good for.

I know, this is getting embarrassing.

But I love Todd for so many reasons! I have to share, to celebrate him! He is the BEST husband and the BEST partner. Did you know that he has NEVER, in 10 years of marriage, ever said anything on purpose to hurt my feelings? He refrains. That's important. I know that when I am being bratty or PMS-y he could verbally jab me, but he never has. He never uses a "tone" with me or hurts me to "put me in my place." Even if it is deserved. I can "confess" anything to Todd and be totally honest with him because I know he is on my team. (Like the time I accidentally spent $250 on some silk fabric... it truly was an accident.)


I really don't prescribe to the notion that there is one true match for any individual. Actually, maybe I do because I always say "there is a lid for every pot." But really I just mean that about weird people. But Todd is the only one for me. I knew it the very first time we kissed. I know... that's so romantic, and I am not generally a romantic, I am a pragmatist, but the actuality is that I knew I wanted Todd forever. Who wouldn't?

So that's why I am glad that he was born. There is no one on the face of the whole wide world that I would rather be with forever.

Happy birthday, Tood, Shmoopy, Buddy, Sugar Plum, Sweetheart, Friend.


Monday, July 26, 2010

I Guess It's Time...

So time is flying by at break-neck speed and I am not so good about blogging anymore or taking pictures of what I do. So here's a little recap.

We moved into our new home on March 1, 2010. We love it. I set to work right away getting some of the projects done that I didn't want to wait 7 years to do: like tiling the "chef's nook" and 1/2 bath, wallpapering a giant map, painting the master bedroom and dining room, etc. I will post more pictures later (especially of the stenciling projects I have been doing). But here is what we have so far.

Here is Todd welcoming you:

Here is the view from the front hallway into the family, kitchen, and dining rooms.
We had to consolidate all of our bookshelves and entertainments into the huge shelving unit. We also relegated our red sofa and chair to the basement and promoted the leather sectional up to the big leagues. Our sectional is wrong... it "L's" the wrong way, but it was not within the budget to buy another couch or rebuild the house, so... for now it is what it is.

Here is Todd doing some dishes...
We did quartz counter tops (Hanstone in "Tiffany Gray") and white cabinets, because I am still a white cabinet girl. Our floor is 12" x 24" gray porcelain tiles laid in a brick pattern. The tiles look like grass cloth and are Fiona proof.

Here is Todd looking into fridge to see if there is anything to eat... which there isn't.

Here is Todd sitting and laughing at something witty you just said.
The dining room wall is a stencil that I made from an Art Nouveau book. I will blog about that later. The stencil is not finished yet. It will have birds and flowers (you can see a small finished portion on the far left).

Here is Todd waking up in our lovely "winter" bedroom.
The trees are stencils from Urban Outfitters. The wall color is a wonderful slate gray from Restoration Hardware that I LOVE. I was worried that it would be too dark, but I really love the crisp white and gray with yellow and white bedding. There is a white wardrobe with a gray tree stenciled on it to the side. I also like our bedside lights that hang instead of sitting on the night table. I still need to hide the cords.

Here's Todd in his thinking place...
I am going to paint the bathroom a lighter gray and do something fabulous with tile. Someday...

Todd is still excited to go upstairs, even though the upstairs is decidedly not exciting.
I LOVE our carpet. It's a mix of low and looped pile and it has subtle stripes. It is wheat colored and has already weathered 5 ladies with the stomach flu and one dog who ate a 5 lb. bag of chocolate chips. It still looks great!

Here's Todd in the guest room. He didn't want to leave.
I imagine that this room will be beachy and tranquil.

This is the daybed in my craft room. He didn't want to leave here either, in fact, he didn't. He's still there.
Fiona is keeping him company. She also took his shoes. The craft room is still not perfect. I have a lot of stuff to organize and get rid of. It is also Fiona's secret hide out. If I leave the door open, she brings her "treasures" up here. If I am missing something like slippers or a 5 lb bag of flour or chocolate chips, it will be in her hideout.

This is the map papered 1/2 bath that I love.
I tiled the walls 1/2 way up on two walls and then the map covers the rest. It was the first thing I did and I love it.

Here's some other stuff I did this summer:

We went to Florida to visit Tyler, Brittany, & Owen. It was heavenly. They live in such a beautiful place. We miss them SOOOOO much!

I went to Connecticut to visit Emily & the little ladies:

I walked on air!
I drove a submarine.
I saw the old sites and some great "old" friends.
We went to Sturbridge Village and did old fashioned-y things...
We made headbands galore...
I was purposely trying to make that look awkward.
Then Emily & the Little Ladies came to my house... and got sick.
It was the stomach flu which we all got, even some of the cousins. But I did not throw up. How, you ask, can you get the stomach flu and NOT throw up? Oh, you can... you CAN.
We visited the Bingham Copper mine. It's a mile deep.
And then I lost my our brand new camera and don't have documentation of Sarah's visit or of Spencer and Sho and the wedding we all attended. Or of Todd's mom and dad's visit or Darcy's visit or of Tyler and Brittany's visit. Or of Girl's Camp. It's been non-stop fun. Just the way summer should be.