Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Activity Day Update

Today little K brought a stick to Activity Days. This was not a stick from a tree, it was like a thin piece of lumber, about 30 inches long. It was dirty, used, and worn.

S asked her, "Why do you have a stick?"
K: "To protect me from murderers..."
S: "What?!"
K: "You guys, don't you know?... There are murderers out there..."

We made up "dances" to memorize two Articles of Faith (kinestetic memorization) and then I let them play American Idol out on the lawn... it was very spiritual.


Suzie Petunia said...

Can I send Waverly to your house to play? With the big girls and their big murderer-beating sticks? (She'd at least like the dancing :)

Marcy Dibbleblotts said...

Sounds fun. When I was that age, we used to have Olympic Gymnastics on the lawn. We would throw our arms up in a V and stick out our chests and then run and do a cartwheel. Or try to do a cartwheel. I actually had to stop running and post myself before I could do my half-cartwheel. But we loved it nonetheless, and my stepmom would be our coach, yelling things out in a German Accent. To this day our family still encourages each other by saying, "You can do it, Shannon Miller!"

JP said...


I hope they were better than the televised version...

You're such a cool leader.

Alice said...

Dances to memorize articles of faith? That is AWESOME!! I hope you get to teach me one some day. =)

Amy Lynn said...

You never told me there were murderers in your neighborhood. Next time I'll bring MY stick...I wonder what I have in my diaper bag that really could serve as a weapon. Wipies? Antibacterial lotion? Gum?