Monday, November 09, 2009

The Dress That Could Have Been: It's Called the "Laura"


So my darling friend Laura (otherwise known as Yolanda) challenged me to enter the Shabby Apple dress design contest. It was just one of those things I just KNEW I had to do, not because I had a great idea, not because I am a dress designer, not because I don't know how to sew particularly well, not because I even felt like making a dress... it was like the surf lesson, and the reality show audition: it was just something I had to prove to myself.

So I slaved away, and spent about $145 dollars to make two dresses. The first one looked like this:

PHP486B3CAEB7B8A I took a different tack.


I made all that scalloped trim, you know.


I like pretty details.


The main fabric is an apple green eyelet with a buttercup yellow lining.


The hem of the underskirt has stars!

Fiona supervised the entire process.


After reading over the contest instructions numerous times, I neglected to note the actual due date. I thought it was tomorrow... it was a week ago. So who knows why I felt so inspired to do this. But I am glad I did. And in honor of the one who threw down the creative gauntlet, it is affectionately called "the Laura."