Friday, January 14, 2005

Wickedly Perfect: week 2

I am SOOO glad I am not on this show. Honestly, the first week I watched and still had a pang or two of, “I could do this, I wanted to be there.” But this week, I am solidly in the So-Glad-I’m-Not-There category. I don’t believe that any reality show brings out the best in anyone, and Todd even mentioned that he would have hated to see me interact with some of those jokers. He knows me…

Mychael’s cooking skills really set her apart, and I am doubting that anyone can touch her in the kitchen although the others doth protest and there might be some intrigue to oust her. Her level of cooking is well above average.

Mitch is a BRAT. HE whines and tries to create intrigue. He’s had some great table decorating moments, but I doubt that he can carry a party and cook by himself.

Denise is standing up to Mitch’s bossiness and I like that but I really don’t like her hair. She is a brunette and looks like a brunette with well done blond. No likey….

Darlene, Darlene, Darlene… It is just a matter of time. She good at the individual projects which keeps her “safe”, but her personality is grating. She is a know-it-all, and no one likes a know-it-all. She is not a team player and is always eager to please the judges and agree with their opinions at the expense of her team. Bad, bad, bad…

I was sorry to see Michelle go. I thought she was really strong. Plus she had amazing skin. But she crossed the wrong people. I was surprised that she was voted off against Dawn.

So we’ll see. No one really stands out to me right now. The strongest people get kicked off and the weakest, and then we’re usually left with someone pretty mediocre. Mitch might pull it off, if he can get over himself…

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Suzie Petunia said...

The show isn't panning out to be nearly as interesting or intense as I thought/hoped it would be. NONE of the characters are even likeable to me. It is just one catty argument after another. I'm not even impressed with the house and the amenities they have to work with. (I guess this is where being de-sensitized by reality tv takes its toll...)

And after all is said and done, your analysis will be absolutely correct: the weak and the strong will be eliminated, and CBS will be left with a piece of mediocrity that they will be obliged to sign contracts with. Too bad, CBS. We know who the real diva is. :) They're gonna come crawling back, just begging you to forgive them.

At least ER was pretty good. But, they sure are finding it difficult to "top" themselves week after week.