Monday, June 04, 2012

Mother's Day: For Reals

I tried to MAKE Todd observe the Mother's Day early on in our marriage, just because, however, it was difficult for him to keep up the momentum. I just like to be celebrated and to receive gifts. I like Mother's Day. I have a mother that I love. I love my grandmothers, so I've always liked the day, and to celebrate the women in my life. Mother's Day wasn't about me NOT being a mother. I'll admit it, though, that I did NOT like to be forced to stand up and receive my obligatory chocolate in church. Other people wanted me to stand up because I think it made THEM feel better. But I was really okay NOT standing up because I was okay not being a mom. HOWEVER, this year, I am the MOM. I am the mom of this guy:
We had such a nice day! We woke up early because we have early church, so no breakfast in bed. But I did get to do one of my very favorite things, which is to unwrap the morning baby and watch him stretch.
Todd was really excited to give me my gift (that I had explicitly asked for...). Because it was a little too large to wrap, I received it "horse-head-in-the-bed" style. It's an Oreck steam cleaner, and I LOVE it. I don't know, maybe Todd was trying to send me a "message" about mopping the floor.
Church was fine. I am always a little perplexed when the talks are NOT centered on Mothers. Let's just embrace the day, people! Maybe there has been some sensitivity training on not over doing it on Mother's Day. We came home and OK was tired, so I put him down ("You stink, you're funny-looking, and you are a terrible burden on your mother.") and then I got to lay down. We both took a THREE HOUR NAP. Man, it was awesome. I am usually not a day-napper (I can do a power nap). I usually wake up from a nap feeling hung over and gross. I woke up feeling rested and wanting to play with Todd and OK.
Then we went for a lovely, long walk in our beautiful neighborhood. Flowers were blooming, bees, were buzzing, and the breeze was blowing.
THEN Todd took over and made me the MOST delicious meal. I asked for ribs. You would have thought it was Father's Day he was so happy to be BBQ-ing. They were the best smoked ribs EVER! Oh, it was such a nice day! So my thoughts on being a mom. I like it. I love my little boy. I love my husband. Todd is such a good dad. OK is such a sweet, happy little boy. I have so much love for that little guy. I never get irritated at him. When he's asleep, I miss him and want to wake him up (which I most certainly DON'T). Every night, I get on my knees and thank my Heavenly Father for OK. Everything he does is a surprise and a miracle. He's the smartest, most clever baby that has ever lived. The End.