Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving On: the Progress Report

So we are finishing a townhouse in Daybreak, which is in South Jordan, UT. Here's the outside again...


..turns out we will actually have a decent sized front yard and side yard which will definitely be fenced off. We want to have parties in this yard and allow Fiona some space to run around without biting people.

Here's the entry (Todd asked if he could be in the photos so I asked him to act out possible scenarios)...


Here is Todd standing on the far side of the family room by the future kitchen counter. He's welcoming you in...


Here is Todd doing some dishes...


Here is Todd looking into the fridge...


Here is Todd laughing at something funny you said over a delicious dinner in the dining room...(he's cutting his meat not riding a pony)...


Here is Todd waking up in the morning in our lovely main floor bedroom...


This is Todd in the shower, he really does this, he just stands there...


Todd is so excited to go upstairs...


He's standing in the corner of the loft, depressed already at all the bills he's going to pay from this spot in the house (the loft looks down onto the entry and also has a lot of nice windows, this is where I want to read books, and eat bon bons)...


Here Todd looks out the window in a contemplative mood. He's deciding whether or not to let you stay here in the guest room...


Here Todd is posing seductively in the "Carrie Office", he's practicing to seduce me away from my crafts for a moment... I think it's working ladies...


I can see the temple spire and Moroni from my "office" window...


And now for the exciting basement (that will stay unfinished for a while)... Todd said he was acting like Fiona, when she stares at you while half hidden by a corner... very creepy...


Here it is in all it's glory... at least it's a decent size...


If you're bad at my house, you will spend the night under the stairs...


I am very excited to see the progress as they actually begin working on our space. I hope it won't be boring to share the progress with you. It will be consuming my thoughts and will be the source of most of my anxiety for the next month or two... stay tuned.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Moving Day

So we've moved. We finally sold our home on 620 North in Provo and have moved further north. It was a really hard decision to make, but we definitely felt led to do so, and who are we to deny inspiration? We need all the help we can get!

We lived at 2668 West 620 North for almost 9 years, which is almost twice as long as I've lived anywhere! We love the neighborhood and the people and the ward there. Todd and I pulled away from the house in separate cars and after a few minutes called each other to exclaim, "Are you fighting tears, because I'm trying really not to cry my eyes out!"

We were fortunate enough to be able to meet the new occupants and to appreciate what nice people they are. As I was going through all sorts of information about the house, neighborhood, & ward with the wife when she asked me, "Are you excited to go your new place?" I think she felt like I was really reluctant, and I was!

We had a lot of help from wonderful people who made us feel loved. I can't think of anything worse than to help someone move. I guess it's not so bad when you're not moving yourself, but having people come in and see the mess and chaos... I was close to by breaking point. But thanks to some key players (you know who you are) things got done even when I was basically catatonic and unable to make any more decisions!

While this house has it's flaws, I have loved living in it, and I loved visiting each room for the last time to see it clean and ready for someone new.






We are living in a temporary town home until OUR town home is finished (we don't know when that will be, exactly, as of yet). Right now we are living in Tyler and Brittany's home. They VERY GENEROUSLY moved out of their place early (they are moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL in February) so we could have somewhere to live and be able to have Fiona with us.

We are looking forward to the adventure ahead of us. The unknown is scary, but we are welcoming this change whole heartedly. The is an auspicious year for the Rhodes: 10 years of marriage and a move. A baby would round things out completely (but that's one thing we don't have a lot of control of).

I hope it doesn't become tedious, but I am excited to post the progress on the new house (town home). Our new address is 4353 Degray Dr., South Jordan, UT, 84095 (our mail is going there already). It is fun to able to make choices in this house that I didn't get to make in the last one. This new house will be totally contemporary (my little designer dream come true... I hope).


(This is our new house! Just kidding, this is 3 town homes... our unit is the one on the far left.)


This is our unit, it is "L" shaped and lovely!

Please come and visit! We have room for you at the new party house!