Monday, August 27, 2007

Graduation and Tea Parties

My darling Todd, of whom I am so proud, finally got to walk in graduation this month.
the happy couple
He completed the Executive Masters of Business Administration program at BYU and now makes me call him, "Master Todd." It was two long and hard years of working full time (70+) hours a week plus school 2-3 times a week. He braved presentation after presentation and hours and hours of analyzing case studies and study groups. I did not see him much, but would reach over and touch his side of the bed at 2am or 3am to make sure he was there.
walk of glory
(Here he is doing the walk of glory with Tyler and Brittany.)
His parents were up from St. George and his brother and wife (Tyler and Brittany) came down from Taylorsville. Mom and Dad brought Grandma & Grandpa Green down from Bountiful. We were grateful for everyone's support. We met Marie-Laure and the kids afterward and had a nice lunch somewhere with lots of good meat.
the graduation celebrants
Through it all, he remained cheerful (if sometimes forced) and in good humor.
luke, join the dark side
(Like all good Masters he actually wore his hood and pretended to be the Emperor.)
We are grateful to have lived in Provo this long only if it meant that Todd could have this opportunity.
in front of the Y
(You can tell it's Provo because of the "Y" on the mountain, obviously...)
Maybe if we stay long enough, I will have my turn at a Masters!
todd in his element
Way to go, Bud!

The other grand event I have attended this month was the Princess Tea Party at the Beehive Tea room in Salt Lake. The book club ladies dressed up and brought their little princesses along for some tea and cakes.
ladies who tea
I brought two of my nieces, surrogate princesses to an heir-less queen...we are on the far right.
queen amy with princess hannah
Queen Amy and Princess Hannah were in attendance.

We sat in a private room where the little ladies had a table to themselves.
tea for seven
Each little princess received her own silver tea pot of hot chocolate, a silver server of cream, and a tea cup and plate.
tea pots for everyone
They also dined daintily on flower-shaped sandwiches and strawberries and cream with sugar.
mathilde partaking
I must say that all the princesses really put their training to the test. While there was much fluffiness of dress with lace and organza abounding, there were no spills or messes (except for the littlest princess whom we graciously excuse! She has not completed her etiquette training being not yet 2 years old.)

We had a lovely time and I invite all of you to high tea anytime you visit! I love summer!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just to Break the Chain of Unending Monotony

This is a gift for those of you who are tired of my ecstatic face. I am tired of my ecstatic face.

Well, all my good blogging intentions availeth me nothing. I fear writing about the backed up tidal wave of undocumented capers and adventures this summer. Why do I always think summer is going to be so leisurely and slow...too much reading as a child? Too romantic? Perhaps.

So here is the lowdown:

I love my life.

I sleep in.

I spend as much time with Todd as possible.

I am working on a library for an elementary school in American Fork: pro bono.

I am making temple dresses (for people who paid a long time ago!).

I am loving my chickens. They bring me joy.

I have a tan for the first time in YEARS.

I am busy with the young women at church: they are needy but very funny.

I have enjoyed sisters and nieces and nephews all summer.

I sew things that I like and make baby gifts and quilts.

I still manage to run around like crazy trying to get everything done that I need to. Once I list it all out I question how I can be so busy, but I am. How did I ever work full time AND travel?

All I know is that I wish I were spending more time with you, my blog people.

Till we meet again...