Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is me in my lair...

This is where I've been for two weeks...


This is who has been keeping daily vigil...


This is what I've been keeping close...


This is a list of what I had to keep within arm's reach during my convalescence...
Kleenex for the snotty nose
Flowers from Todd because he loves me
Flowers from Marie-Laure because she loves me
Fun craft book from Mo to plan future crafts
Little dish of Tums for the constant heart burn
Ibuprophen all the time
Lortab when it's a little bad
Percocet when it's really bad
Dulcolax to combat the effects of the pain killers
Birth control (weird, I know)
Ginger chew candies to combat the nausea
A thermometer for the constant low fever
The phone so I can see who it is before I don't answer
Gatorade or juice or soup - doctor's orders
Whole wheat gold fish because they sound good when nothing else does
Spicy Cheez-Itz because I am craving them
A pad of paper and a pencil to record everything that goes in and out
A good book
The TiVo and the DVD remotes
Heating pad
Backscratcher to satisfy the constant itch caused by the percocet and to "guide" Fiona

The cause for me to be in my lair (chaise lounge with temperpedic topper & 6 pillows) is ovarian hyperstimulation (OVH). The drugs I was taking to get ready for IVF made my ovaries get really big as they made lots of follicles. The egg retrieval went really well. I was fine for two days afterward, a little tender and sore, but fine.

Apparently, my ovaries were supposed to stop and settle down after I stopped taking the shots, but as can sometimes happen, my ovaries kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. A couple of days later I was in severe pain and wasn't able to move very well. After seeing the doctor it was confirmed that my ovaries were in overdrive. They continued to grow for a few days and I kept having ultrasounds to see just how big.

Ovaries are usually about the size of apricots and they are located on either side of a woman's lower abdomen. My ovaries were so big, they were touching in the middle... not just touching a little, but smashed together. What this means is that everything else in my abdomen (liver, spleen, intestines, stomach, etc) where all being pushed upwards into my lungs, just as if I were in the last stages of pregnancy. In fact, I looked like I was about 7 months pregnant, but instead of taking 7 months to get that way my body did that in a few hours, hence the intense pain. My abdomen muscles were being stretched so fast, and my guts were being squished up tight!

There is no medicine to fix OHS, I just have to wait it out. The intense pain and nausea only lasted for about 3 days, and things continue to getter better day by day. I can eat fine (which is too bad because I can't do ANY exercising), and I can move around comfortably if slowly. I mostly feel pretty good so I go and do something and then I have to pay the consequences later. I have a hard time being patient and taking it easy. I don't like to sit still. I haven't even been able to sit up comfortably to sew.

I have appreciated everyone's love and concern. I have also appreciated everyone who has left me alone:) The doctor says OHS takes weeks to recover from and that I should have patience and take it easy even when I feel like I can do more.

In a few weeks (like 8), my body will hopefully be ready to implant the eggs they harvested and froze. We have 3 straws with 3 eggs each (so 9 total) and if everything goes well we could have 3 tries at implantation.

I am trying to be patient and learn something from this experience. Heaven knows I have had plenty of time for reflection. Todd has been wonderful to me. He has cooked and cleaned and purchased strange whims of appetite. He is my friend and my shoulder to cry on. He is my comfort and my balm (even when his jokes go unappreciated because I am in pain and cranky). He reminds me that we are in this together, we are a team. I love him and can't think of anyone else I would rather be going through this with. Team Rhodarson will get a Baby Rhodesbud yet!