Monday, June 06, 2005

Ear Plug Addiction

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Hi. I’m Carrie Ann, and I am an ear plug addict.

At first, I was given a free pair, you know, to just try out. And then I went back and bought a pair, but only to use every once in a while. Then I started traveling more, which is really stressful, and I found that I needed them more and more. Before long, I was using them at home. Now, I am an every day user. I use ear plugs every day.

Using them while traveling is a no-brainer…you know that exhausted feeling you can sometimes get from a long flight? Well, I read that part of that exhaustion is caused because an airplane cabin is really loud; you become quickly accustomed to it. But it has a draining effect on your body. Ear plugs reduce the noise and the exhaustion later.

Plus, and this is a huge bonus for an introvert such as I am, you don’t have to talk to people on the flight, unless you want to. All you have to do is make a big show of pulling out the ear plug when your neighbor asks you a question, and pretty soon they don’t want to bug you anymore.

Using them for sleeping while in a foreign country or foreign hotel is a no-brainer. I found that they come in handy when my co-worker would come back to the hotel room late at night (or early in the morning) from the clubs or from her date she agreed to go on with a stranger in a foreign country where she doesn’t speak the language.

Ear plugs also come in handy when said co-worker comes home late and decides that this moment is the perfect moment to practice yoga or hand stands, in a skirt, wearing a thong. At this point ear plugs don’t do much good, so I have to quit pretending I’m asleep and ask her to cut it out. She then obliges and goes outside to continue hand stands in the hall of our open air hotel in Mexico.

I began using ear plugs at home to assuage the less than symphonic cacophony of chirping, barking, quacking, squawking, and cock-a-doodle-doing that goes on 24/7 at the goat/chicken/dog/duck farm next door. You thought roosters only crowed at dawn? I’m schoolin’ you, dog, they crow whenever they feel like it.

So when I go to bed, part of the ritual now includes rolling two nude colored foam cones (memory foam for the ears) into what resembles tiny joints (not that I would know) and sliding them into my ear holes where they gently expand causing a rushing sound (not unlike the rushing sound of the Spirit of the Lord…not that I would know) until they seal out the outside world like the air lock of a space shuttle. Shhhhhhhhcp.



And I sleep like I’ve been drugged.

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Yolanda said...

I understand the whole "blocking out" idea behind the plugs...I just cannot stand the sound of my own breathing while wearing the ear plugs...When you can hear EACH and EVERY breath you take in and out...and in...and out...Am I missing something?

Suzie Petunia said...

I keep forgetting to buy earplugs! I kid you not: it has been on my perpetual shopping list for over a month. I don't need them at night. Everyone sleeps through the night in this house and our neighbors don't keep livestock. No, I need earplugs between the waking hours of 4 to 5 PM when children are MEAN and LOUD! There is only one solution: earplugs. Where can one find these "hearos"? ...and I love that name. Can I type it again?... I'd like a Hhhyearro, please. (Works if you're ordering greek food, too.)

Christian F said...

What is the deal with kids between 4 and 5 (or 6)pm? I thought it was just our house.

I use earplugs at concerts because if I don't my ears ring for days. Kacy mocks me.

Kelly said...

I too am an earplug addict. Wearing them allows me to keep my windows open at night on pleasant evenings without the neighbors and the traffic cutting through on our street and the random homeless person walking by, periodically digging through our recycle bins keeping me awake all night. (I don't really live in the ghetto, I swear)

Marcy Dibbleblotts said...

I have been trying to train myself to sleep with one of those eye patch covers like you use on a plane...but combined with earplugs that would be just too much. It's like claustrophobia.

Carly said...

I used ear plugs for a while when I was trying to let our baby "cry it out." It worked like a charm. Sadly, we only had one pair, and Mike couldn't stand to hear all the crying. I need to get me some more of those.

JP said...

They come in handy for annoying/loud co-workers too when they ramble on about anything and everything.

The only thing about earplugs that I don't like it how LOUD it makes swallowing sound!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

i love the "trusted since 1993". now theres a brand you can trust! a while ago i spent a pretty penny and bought myself concert earphones that are small insert earbuds that act as the most amazing earplugs, thus allowing you to listen to your music at lower volume but with greater clarity. people have to tap me to get my attention but i love them. if i ever used just plain earplugs now i think id get restless waiting for the music to start.

heidi said...

Gary is an ear plug addict also. Not so fun for me being the only one who can hear the crying Mia.

Abby said...

I'm all about the Hearos, thanks to Carrie Ann. If I'm feeling charitable, I'll just put earplugs in and allow my snoring husband to stay in his comfy bed with his beautiful bride. If not, it's curtains to hubby and a bed all to myself. I also use them for when my crack-addicted upstairs neighbor rants and raves at her baby-daddy at all ungodly hours of the night.

Freeman Dundas said...

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Anonymous said...

I just can't hear anything!

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