Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our House, in the Middle of the Street

It's about time I blogged about my house. After living in a basement and then a little brick cottage, Todd and I decided to buy our own little piece of heaven...right here in Provo, thinking we'd be here for 3 years or so...
front angle
We found this cute, quasi New England-style house in west Provo. It was brand new (we were so naive). But we have LOVED our neighborhood and our friends here, and the views, and the horses, and ducks, and chickens, and goats, and big grassy yard, and all the different configurations of furniture, etc. We decided to take some nice pictures of the house we love, and I wanted to share it with you!

This is the front room. Our TV is in the corner, you just can't see it (thank goodness). This is where we watch "The Office" and "30 Rock" and on Wednesdays I watch "America's Next Top Model". It should be called the Dining Room, because this is where we eat almost every meal.

This is the sitting room part of the "great room". The red sofa isn't really supposed to be in there, but the room started out one way and ended another, so for the time being, the red sofa lives here.

Here is where the food gets made, and if you are a guest we'll eat at the table unless one of the aforementioned shows is on. The kitchen is very white. And that's the way (uh-huh uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh uh-huh).

mud room
This is the mud room/butler's pantry. This used to be all shelves, but I de-junked and now everything fits into the two HUGE closets on the right (which you can't see but they're there!).

bonus room
This WAS my funky, 60's inspired family room, and we loved having it upstairs. But it was more logical to have this be the bonus room it was always meant to be. So now this is where I sew and think about exercising. I can see the river trail from my huge window.

master bedroom
This is my sanctuary. This is where I sleep and read and blog and e-mail and shop on-line. I love our bedroom.

Maybe later I will add the other bedrooms, but for now this is us. Come and visit!


Sean, Jen and Carson said...

I wish my house was just a fraction as cute as yours and I would be happy!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

we wanna come and play!!! how does the end of December work for y'all?

jayna said...

hey!! so i've actually added a couple of posts. love your house. would love to come see it in person. let's shoot for january? miss you!

Suzie Petunia said...

Your house looks AMAZING! I love your eye for color. Every color in your house makes me very happy. And I think that red sofa looks just perfect where it is. I wish I could buy your house for my vacation get-away in happy valley. Does the furniture come with it? :)

Abby said...

It does look so purty! Well done.

Julie said...

Ummmmm. Can you come and decorate my house???? I am so serious. I need your eye for decor.

Missy said...

You have changed it sooo much and I love it. I also have been there for a year or two, but you have done a lot!!

Cathy said...

Hi Carrie! Long-time, no-see. I came across your family blog sometime ago and love it! Did you get my bday email from Amy's quiz? I don't think I won, but I tried my best! I am trying to get around to comment on all Oscarson pages --I don't think your younger siblings would remember me, though.
We really need to get together sometime. Would love to see you!
PS Your house looks AWESOME!
Cathy W. (from St. Louis, back in the day 3rd Ward)

brittany said...

I'm so happy that I can picture you there when I talk to you on the phone now. I think I saw it right after you moved in and it's so much more YOU now. I love the black and white in the bedroom...well, what am I saying, I love it all!


Carrie Anne said...

Of course YOU have an awesome house that is decorated perfectly, and I Love Love Love it! I've been checking your blog here and there WAITING for a new I'm not stalking you, but you make me laugh so hard that I HAVE to check to get a happy feeling!:) I love your are things going?

Wendy said...

Your house is so lovely. And Courtney and I felt so comfortable in your guest quarters.

You watch America's Next Top Model too??? I thought I was the only one. I set aside time to watch 2 shows - ANTM and The Office. We're so alike. We'll have to chat about ANTM sometime.

emma jo said...

I want to come roll around on your clear floors and skip through cutely decorated rooms of style and personality. Well done...I wish that I could have been there to vacuum, thats my favorite part.

Carrie Ann said...

Vacuuming at our house is especially fun because of the Dyson. Everyone should have a Dyson. It makes up for the dirt-colored crappy carpet.

Amy Lynn said...

I love your home. Love it. It feeds my souls need for bright, happy, original colors.

To the world: Ban the browns! See what a little color can do to a home??

When do you mention that this home is for sell?

Joe & Corinne Bippert Family said...

Oops... sorry Carrie Ann I named my post about my house the same as you did. Mine just happens to be in the middle of he street as well. I hope everything is going well with you guys...We definately miss the ward.