Monday, December 03, 2007

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This is how pathetic today is...

1. I have the flu and feel SO achey and sore and sore-throaty
2. I am having the menstrual cramps so hard
3. I strained my back while gagging on my toothbrush this morning so my back is spasaming and hurting so that I can't get up

Then, while trying to get the pillow arrangement just right I put one on the floor next to the bed and Fiona came over to lay on it so I had to lean over to get her off and when she got off there was a little black spider on the pillow that had JUST BEEN ON MY BED! That was the last straw. I called Todd. Who knows where the spider landed once I had flicked it off, but having Todd pretend to inspect the area where it may have landed made me feel better.

However, I have a lot more to be grateful for that to be pathetic for. I just wanted to complain a little because it helps when you have the flu.

Self-portrait of today


Abby said...

Let me be the first to say, "Poor baby, & bless its heart."
That is so, so very pathetic!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

rats... i was gonna be the first... we'll i can at least add to it...

Aw~ bless your heart! Poor baby!"

there... feel any better. we'll pray for you, your back and the effective evacuation of all spiders from your place of rest.

And of course we'll hook you up with what ever you need picture-wise!

Rynell said...

I hope you feel better very, very soon.

mo said...

Wait a minute...I'm the mom. I'm the one who is supposed to say it. Uhhmmm. POOR BABY!!!!! BLESS ITS HEART!!!!! There now, I'll bet you feel lots better. I hope so....I'm so sorry you feel so crummy. Take care of yourself, okay?

Wendy said...

Carrie I hope you feel better. That's not fun to be sick. Its also not fun knowing there's a spider lurking somewhere in the vicinity.

Suzie Petunia said...

PB, BILH. (That's how I would say it if I were text messaging you.) :)

I really do hope you feel better very, very soon. What a terrible day. I'd make you my homemade chicken noodle soup if I were closer.

andrea said...

it's all about the drugs, my friend. call up canada and see what they can send you.
why did you gag on your toothbrush? or never mind, too much imagery there.
hey- i need your mailing address so i can send you a christmas card. be a dove? thanks. and get well soon.

susan said...

I am sick. Matt is sick. The cats have started sneezing.

I feel your pain, Carrie-O. I hope you are better soon.

Amy Lynn said...

I DO live close and I should have been by with soup and warm blankets and back rubs and a pleathora of "bless your hearts" and "poor babys".

When I see a spider I try to focus on how utterly lovely the spider in Charlotte's Web is. I'm just positive that is really how it is in the spider world.