Sunday, April 08, 2007


A month ago, I got to go to Carmel with my lovely ladies, Brittany & Wendy. Brittany's parents were generous to let us stay in their lovely home.
The Dreamy House
This is not a once or twice a year vacation is a every other weekend vacation home. They keep clothes, make up, good food, etc here because they come here a lot. Can you blame them?

What did we do there?

We looked at photos (I brought a whole suitcase just of photo albums). Sometimes we could not stop laughing at the people we knew, the things we did, the boys we kissed, and the lack of supportive bras...

Laughing at Brittany's smushed boob

We brought music and danced (well I watched the dancing...I was feeling under the weather with the beginnings of a dumb sinus infection!):

Dancing in the Kitchen

Isn't that kitchen awesome? We ate some good grub in that there kitchen!

Aren't these girls great?

We brought good books and took long walks on the beach:

Brittany on the beach
Wendy on the beach
the ladies
And of course we talked, and talked, and talked. We never ran out of things to talk about. I could talk to these ladies all day and all night.

Then we went shopping a little.
shopping in carmel
We went to Anthropologie and spent HOURS trying on beautiful clothes. I love being a girl (and I got a way cute skirt.)
on the beach
Then we went to the beach some more...and talked some more.

And then it was time to say goodbye.
the ladies and the house
And we had to lock up the house and drive back to San Fran.
This is us driving the Beamer.
I love these ladies and we will always have fun being together.


Abby said...

I must confess...I want to be in your cute gang. I love you all and you are beautiful. (And THANK YOU for posting :)

Yolanda said...

Being a California native, my parents would always take trips to Carmel...I would always be immediately jealous, because I was mad they wouldn't take us kids...You know...Anywhere named "Caramel" had to be good!!

Wear your skirt Sunday...I want to see!!

emma jo said...

mmm, carmel...I'm sorry, were you talking about a house? I want ice cream...but the house and the company and the dancing all sounded very nice.

melissa c said...

There is not enough to say about having good friends. Every woman needs them.

I know women who's husbands won't let them hang out let alone go away for the weekend.

You hold tight to these women and never let a man come between you!

I am a firm believer in girl time! I do it myself quite often! It keeps my marriage great!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

what a fun trip! and what a great kitchen... i would've never appreciated a kitchen like that without the closet of a kitchen we have now!! how fun.

Suzie Petunia said...

It looks like a bit of heaven on earth! I'm so glad you had a perfectly perfect time (except for being sick of course).

Amy Lynn said...

Sigh. How wonderful!