Sunday, February 18, 2007

Red Hearts and Red Rocks

Red Hearts and Red Rocks
Todd and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day with our dear friends, the Faulconers. We stayed in and made dinner rather than fight the crowds and be cranky. We had a lovely time. Hence the red hearts.

Then we got in the car and drove to St. George to visit Todd’s parents. Hence the red rocks. We have been having a good time. On Saturday, we started off by going for a bike ride up Snow Canyon.


Rosie took her first road trip and did exceptionally well. I smiled every time we were passed on the trail by a light, aluminum, thick-tread tired mountain bike. I just rang my bell *ding*ding*!


We biked in about 3 ½ miles and then out again. On the way in it was hilly enough to make me breath hard sometimes, but on the way back I hardly had to pedal. I just put my feet up on the handlebars and coasted (something you CANNOT do on a mountain bike!). I felt so happy to be there with Todd and his Mom and Dad.

This is my new favorite picture of Todd.


After the bike ride we went to some of the local homes featured in the Parade of Homes. I found my dream home. Surprisingly, I really dig the nouveau southwest style: natural colors, natural stone, homes that blend into the surroundings, horizontal lines, a-doh-beee.

We had a nice BBQ dinner at Famous Daves and then home to a warm fire and book reading. I love my life right now. We have just had a lovely Sunday and we are looking forward to a lovely Monday.

Here are some things I need to do some catch-up blogging on:

Jobs or the lack thereof
Fertility and the quest to conceive
Home projects
Sewing projects (I just made my first dress with a pattern I made from a dress I liked and bought and copied and returned…this could be my next adventure!)

I am very out of blogging practice. I will do it more that I get better and more entertaining. If there is a subject you would like me to research and blog for you (like I used to do) please let me know.


mo said...

Oh it's just so nice to have you back, you can blog anything your little heart desires! Love the pictures of the trip. I'm glad you are getting to relax after a Christmas in retailing!

Abby said...

Can I just say again how much I LOVE unemployed Carrie? I love her. The working Carrie never called...and she never blogged...and she worked all the time and stuff--and she was all, "No, I have to go to work in the morning!" Happy anniversary!

Jessica said...

I am glad to hear from you too carrie...This is your cousin to the bloggig world, but loving it. So, so good to hear how you are doing. I miss my cousins! I am glad I have such normal, fun, entertaining family to keep in touch with!

Suzie Petunia said...

Normal? Us? huh? :)

Oh, Carrie it makes me happy to see you so happy. You deserve a completely fun and relaxing time with Rosie and Todd. ;) It looks like such a sunny, fun vacation. I love that picture of Todd, too. Very cute. I sure like that guy.

Do you have any opinions regarding hair styles or simply my lack thereof?

a-doh-bee. Where did that come from? Taylor and I always say it that way, too. In fact, I'm saying it right now over and over and over again outloud because no one can hear me.

brittany said...


I am so happy that I get to see you soon. And that I get to eat your good food that you make for me. I may be the luckiest girl ever.

So, who's Rosie? I'm out of touch, I know...

I'm happy for your happiness. And Todd looks happy too.

I definately want to hear about the things you mentioned. The two that are sticking out in my mind is the fertility/quest to concieve and the sewing of the dress with a home made pattern. I want to see pictures, too. That's very impressive to me.


JP said...

It's so fun that you're blogging again. Can I also touch on how much I love your hair? Cute!

Glad you are having such a good time...

Can't wait to read more of all those topics.

Rosie said...

COOL BIKE! I have just put a picture on my screensaver of those awesome cruisers. They just scream out "Enjoy the journey" "Look around" "Slow down"

Kacy said...

Dearest Stuff-n-Stuff: I would be very interested in your take on sugar-free chocolates, and any of the possible consequences one might encounter when eating them.
Regards, Every Day I Write the Book

Anonymous said...

Give us stuff and then some more stuff. At regular intervals. Can't wait to read your posts!


Julie said...

Cute hair Carrie. I like it!! It is so good to have you in the blogging world more often-- right? It is so fun to see pictures of you since I never see anyone while I am up here in the boonies. Looks like it was a fun trip!!

Jewel said...

Sounds like a really lovely weekend.

And, it is great to hear from yoU!

brittany said...

I've been soooo patient....:)