Monday, April 16, 2007

I Gots Chickens!

I Gots Chickens
April 16, 2007

I have wanted chickens for so long!

There came a time, I’m not sure when, that I realized that you could just HAVE a chicken, that you didn’t really need a farm, per se, although animal rights probably help.

My friend and sister-of-the-heart, Brittany, had a chicken, sort of by accident, and it was a very cool chicken. It hung out, ate bugs, chased her toddler, and laid eggs. I have bugs, no toddler, and I like eggs. Perfect fit!

So I went to the local seed and feed, and procured me some chicks: fluffy, sweet, peeping chicks (and a farmer’s sense of grammar)! I took them home in a cardboard box with some shredded newspaper and made them a home I designed myself: a plastic drawer.

I researched chickens to get the ones I wanted. The ones I REALLY want don’t come to the local seed and feed.
DOMONIQ2 They're called Dominiques.
Real farmers don’t have any use for fancy chickens or for chickens who don’t like to give up their eggs and those types of chickens tend to be one and the same: the prettier they are, the more temperamental. So I got me some Rhode Island Reds
and some Araucana’s.

But right now they look like this:
nesting in my bosom
Curious little fellas

They are less than two weeks old and have feathers on their wings and are already testing their flight capabilities when they jump off anything they can climb onto.

The have not all been named yet. I am waiting for Mo and Dad to come down and do the honors for two of them. There is a Rhode Island Red named Rosie and an Araucana named Pansy. You see my chickens must have flower names. They just must.

And here is how they run.

Omelets at my house!
carrie and the chicks


Svenska & Sheaux said...

ya know, sheaux had a pet chicken once. his name was Georjone T. Montey Taco's Cho-Bits III........... It doesnt make sense in Japanese either. she thinks it was chick-napped by the cat next door, but a few days later sheaux's sister Ai said she saw a "free-ranger" running around by the river. so maybe it had just run free and was living in a van down by the river... anyway, someone eventually grabbed it and it ended up living out the rest of it's life in a cage at a elementary school. This still doesnt explainthe name though. im confused... cute chicks.

emma jo said...

I love your chickens!! We just watched chicken run...Mel Gibson was a Rhode Island Red, hm. I love their names and I love that you will have an adorable chicken coop...but you know chicken poop really stinks, right? It takes me back to the days of Mutton...What does Fiona think of them?

Amy Lynn said...

I love that you have chicks! It makes our family seem so...earthy and homey. (Are those even words?) How are the young chicks doing? Haven't seen them since Easter...which Matt has reminded me EVERY single day. Apparently he feels a certain attachment to the chicks and feels a need to "check on them" to make sure every thing is OK.

Abby said...

I love them--and I love your hair. Thank you for posting.

chronicler said...

How fun! I will be tracking your progress. Chickens are on my the top of the list for the new house in AZ. Way cool! I love the speckled black and white one best!

JP said...

oh my heavens...this just tickles me! Hello baby chicks!!

They are too adorable.

I'm very curious about this new adventure...

Suzie Petunia said...

They are quite possibly the cutest little things I've ever seen!! I can't wait to see more pics and movies as they grow.

I love the flower names. My ever so humble opinion: name one "Rose" after your new niece!

mo said...

I haven't even seen them yet! How cute is it that they run back to your arms for safety? You are obviously a good "mother hen." I trust you to name Pansy...go ahead. I will try to get down and visit my "grandchicks" soon!

brittany said...

too cute, my little friend. I love the video clip. You'll have to school me on how to do that...
it is adorable that they hide in your arms. :)

i'm going to remain jealous of your fresh eggs until I have some new chickens of my a coop this time:)


lisa v. clark said...

You have really cute hair.

Cherie said...

Your adorable chicks are featured on's One a Day, where we feature a chicken related article every day.


sam zealy said...

From a stranger in Greensboro, NC. I googled and found your entry on Stella scooters. Mine is white but I put on red checker decals and someone commented it looked like a Purina mobile. Appropriate because of my chickens. I hatched Araucanas and raised them to give to a Cuban family I have befriended. They had chickens before fleeing Castro as political refugees. Anyway, I might send you a photo with one of my hens, Flora and on the scooter. Sam Zealy, Realtor