Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Pom Pom Tankman Duck

One day old

So some of you might know that one month ago, a mommy duck laid her eggs right out my front door; in my flowers. Needless to say, she regretted her choice of nesting places. While it might seem picturesque to lay your eggs amidst daisies and violas, the traffic was an issue. After a few days, mommy duck gave up and left her eggs to us.

We decided that while I “look as fertile as the Tennessee valley, my womb is a rocky place where [Todd’s] seed can find no purchase…” we might as well become adoptive parents to 8 duck eggs.

We invested in a duck womb…
The Duck Womb

…and diligently read many websites on how to incubate eggs. They must have a constant 99.5 F temp (no more! no less!) and must be turned every four hours. We tracked their progress by shining a flashlight through a small hole in a piece of cardboard and holding it up to the shell.

Unfortunately, we are amateurs. I’m not sure what went wrong, but only one duck made it out of fetus-hood.

On May 10, 2005, after exactly 28 days in the “womb”, one of the eggs started to *peep*. Here is the progression:

It starts as a little hole…
Post Pip

Then it gets a little bigger…
Getting Strong Now...So Strong Now

The Activity Day girls crowd around to watch…
Activity Day Committee

A tiny beak appears as the duck makes cracks all the way around the shell…
A Beak!

The top pops off and a little wet duck comes out!
Wet and Exhausted

Kacy and her kids were present for the popping out. Amy Lynn and her kids arrived a little later.
That Fit in That

We let Jake name him/her (we won’t know until puberty). Jake chose Pom Pom Tankman Duck Rhodes.

Pom Pom has a cool new “brood” with a clip on light to keep warm and lots of tasty food and water.
Fave Cuddling Spot

Pom Pom’s favorite place to be is in between my cardigan and my shirt. Pom Pom just climbed on up and that’s where he/she likes to hang out. That won’t last too long seeing as how Pom Pom’s digestive system will kick in soon and ducks do not have sphincters.

We’ll see what happens with Pom Pom. We want to get chickens, but we are not quite ready yet. We have a pond and lots of other ducks in our back yard so we hope that Pom Pom will grow up to be a good normal duck and live in the pond, but will come visit every once in a while.

Todd and I are happy to be parents to a duck. I won’t dress up Pom Pom or take Pom Pom for walks on a leash. I promise we won’t let it get too out of hand.

(We are registered at Target and PetSmart…and Tiffany & Co.)


travis said...

When I eat chinese I sometimes get duck, and funny enough, I ALWAYS ask them to hold the sphincter. Boy is MY face red!

Marcy Dibbleblotts said...

Congratulations on your new little one!

Kelly said...

Good luck with your duck! He is so cute. Makes me want a duck.

Carly said...

The duck is cute, the reference to Raizing Arizona is cuter, and that fuzzy pink cardigan is cutEST. Congratulations, duck mom.

mo said...

I can't believe it! I now have two granddogs and a grandduck. I am so proud! It takes me back to our duck-raising days when our little duck Mutton was that size. They are cute little things but so messy when they eat. I was always cleaning duck mush off the wall by her pen. Have fun with Pom Pom and keep the dogs at bay!

Suzie Petunia said...

Still sitting here chuckling over your last statement about "not going overboarde", immediately followed by the link to the baby registery at Tiffany & Co. I could actually see a baby LOVING that Paloma baby rattle. Wouldn't YOU?

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the whole story, and especially the pictures of Pom Pom's birth! How fun is that?? SO COOL! And Pom Pom is the luckiest duck I know to have you and Todd for parents.

I feel inspired to post pictures of my own children's births... NOT! (Not nearly as cute.)

Kacy said...

And you forgot to tell Carly that you got her same bag because it is not only cute, but breathable--for transporting Pom Pom. It's so good that you are not going overboard.

Lisa M. said...

Ah! He is a handsome duck! We have ducks! And chickies too. We love them. Here in Leave it to Beaver Land, you almost HAVE to have them. *smile*


Kacy said...

Your new party dress of the moment looks like it has beautiful seamage.

emma jo said...

As far as I can remember, the best part about "house ducks" is that they eat the bugs and dust...and hairballs. You must be a "duck whisperer" Carrie Ann. They flock to your duck rescuing presence. No pun intented.

sugarbritches said...

I hope it doesn't hurt when he nurses, i hear ducks beaks can wreak havoc on a persons nipple. Congratulations!

Amy Lynn said...

I love the nursing comment because I've seen what nursing HUMANS can do to ones breasts...ducks must be murder!

It was an amazing moment to see Pom Pom right out of his shell. He was wet and slimy and stumbling around his incubator like he was drunk but I was somehow so endeared to him. I'm an aunt again! Sigh.

Britt said...

I just went on to Tiffany's registry and you were'nt listed. . . I must have the wrong info, dawling, so you must give me your user name so I can get little Pom Pom the most lavish gift. One who was concieved amongst the flowers has a charmed life, and I want to be a part of it. (or at least say that little Pom Pom Tankman wears my gift every day, adoringly)
smooches, my little friend.

Alice said...

I know this is about the duck and everything, but you quoted my favorite movie ever... I am going to refer to Todd as Hi from here on out. "Son, you got a panty on your head."