Saturday, May 07, 2005

Freeze Dried Peas

So I may have neglected to mention that in 1999 for 4 months I worked for a food storage company. I sold food storage door to door.

It’s not what you think. It was an awesome company. I would not have sold ANYTHING door to door if I had NOT thought it was totally awesome. Trust me.

The president of the company was the father of a friend of mine, so I was psyched to go to their house one day for an orientation of the foods they sold.

Just to backtrack a bit, the company sold “normal” food packaged to last in storage so that you would not have to store wheat and crap like that. Instead you could store Krusteaz waffle, muffin, and bread mix, pasta, Bear Creek Soup, sauces, Malt-o-Meal cereals, and my favorite…freeze dried meats, fruits, and vegetables. Like I said, it was an awesome company.

All the sales reps (young, mostly male 20-somethings) were invited to the president’s house for a breakfast consisting of pancakes, waffles, muffins, juice, jams, jellies, and syrups all made from the food storage products. After breakfast we (about 15 young men, the president, and moi) congregated in the HUGE pantry to sample some of the other freeze dried products.

The freeze dried stuff was good. I used to buy the peas and strawberries just to snack on. So as we’re passing around the peas I decide to open my big mouth to add my personal endorsement.

“The thing I really love about the freeze dried stuff is that it really tastes good. Like these peas…they really retain their…their pea-ness…” PEA-NESS!


Moragh said...

Ha!! I needed a good laugh. I say stuff like that all the time, except mine is usually in front of 25-30 students. Fortunately for me Pea-ness, is an appropriate word in my class. I am going to use that story next year when I do my sex portion of class! Keep it up, I always need good material!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm so sad I wasn't there to hear it in person...and then to see everyone squirm with discomfort. You are hilarious!

Lisa M. said...

You're such a goof. *Grin*

Thanks for the laugh!

JP said...

You always have THE BEST stories. TOO, TOO FUNNY!!

Amy Lynn said...

I really can't ever hear that story without having a good long belly laugh. It is one of the family classics.

mo said...

It is beyond a family classic--it has been nominated for "The Family Guffaws Hall of Fame". I think it is probably even funnier than me saying "Holy Cow" to a Hindu. And to think you could have just kept it to yourself and not told a soul--thanks for brightening our lives, Ceeb.

Carly said...

HAhahahaha. Oh, the horror of saying that in front of a bunch of men in a pantry.