Monday, December 13, 2004

No One Gets My Hair

I have this never ending battle with my hair. It‘s short, it’s long, it’s blond, it’s brown… I believe that hair is a VERY defining feature and should not be dealt with flippantly, unless that flippy thing is what you are trying to achieve.

I also get really defensive around my stylist. I really like HER, I just don’t like the way she does my hair. So when I see her around town (and I do see her around town) I feel like I have to explain why my hair is a different length/color than the last time she did it. It’s not that I’ve been cheating on her, it’s just that I’ve been trying to do it myself and trying to save money. And… I don’t like how she does my hair.

So after a couple of massive home-kit highlighting disasters, I go to this girl my sister has been going to. “She really gets my style,” she says. And since my sister and I pretty much have identical style (her style coming in a size 2 and mine in a size 14), I decided to go and check her out. I’m looking for understanding, for someone to “get me”, and all I get is $110 of “not quite.”

My bangs (fringe for the European readers) are wrong, wrong, wrong. I wanted retro-50’-but-Holly-Golightly-but-Giselle-Bundchen-but-rich-girl-but-sexpot, and I got the stylist’s bangs. I am bugged when that happens! So does that mean that I should seek a stylist who looks like what I want? That may frighten me. I may never find her/him (but I hope a her considering what I’m looking for)!

So now I have medium length brown hair. With weird bangs… Hair of my dreams, in what realm do you dwell?


Kacy said...

I believe I get and love your hair. It sounds like you have done something new with it and I can't wait to see. You say it's "medium" and I would have said it was "Long" so, did you cut it? Wait, maybe I don't get your hair. Then there was the time before the ward split when I commented on how long your hair was. You had hair extensions, I know, but still it did seem to grow fast. What do I know. My hair looks like Richard Gere's.

Carrie Ann said...

But you OWN your Richard Gere hair. My hair has no celebrity guide or helm with which to steer the mad currents that are my hairs. Yeah, I cut it. I was liking the real "long-ness" of my hair. Now it's long but not really. It's really dark, too. I look more haggard now, but that's what I was shooting for.

fattooth said...

110 BUCKS?!?!?
I hope your stylist makes you pay in Canadian dollars.

Carrie Ann said...

Look at it this way, it could have been worse. She could have made me pay in Japanese Yen.

Dalton said...

Well I hope you find some good hair people. I just have to put in a word for my peeps at Lunatic Fringe. I realize as cool and zany as you are you are undoubtedly familiar but its the coolest hair place in the valley, and you are the lunatic fringe of boring old Provo. Its right across the street from trolley square. Ramez is absolutely brilliant with color, you will cry. He will give you a good cut also and its about the same price as what you paid last time maybe a bit more for cut and color, I paid 50 for a cut but girls will be a lot more. Emily a girl I met a few times is now working there as a hair washer trying to get a spot, she is as good as Ramez so if she has a spot yet you can get her since you want a girl, but Ramez is the es aich eye tea. If you go bald like me then you can just buy clippers for 20 bucks and stop paying so damn much. Good luck

Carrie Ann said...

Big D, I have indeed had the pleasure of getting my hair cut at Lunatic Fringe, and if I were the millionaire woman of leisure I am aspiring to be I would go there all the time! I did have cut and color (done my a man) and he did a fabulous job. It was the $150 i'd have to come up with every 8 weeks or so that put the damper on that pamper.

Anonymous said...

This is way better than the ex-girlfriend's, but I'm not accustomed to making comments. Maybe I'm not clever enough.

Hair is hard. My hair at this moment is a deep blackish red and seriously curly. Is that wrong? Tell me what to do fashion lady.