Monday, July 26, 2010

I Guess It's Time...

So time is flying by at break-neck speed and I am not so good about blogging anymore or taking pictures of what I do. So here's a little recap.

We moved into our new home on March 1, 2010. We love it. I set to work right away getting some of the projects done that I didn't want to wait 7 years to do: like tiling the "chef's nook" and 1/2 bath, wallpapering a giant map, painting the master bedroom and dining room, etc. I will post more pictures later (especially of the stenciling projects I have been doing). But here is what we have so far.

Here is Todd welcoming you:

Here is the view from the front hallway into the family, kitchen, and dining rooms.
We had to consolidate all of our bookshelves and entertainments into the huge shelving unit. We also relegated our red sofa and chair to the basement and promoted the leather sectional up to the big leagues. Our sectional is wrong... it "L's" the wrong way, but it was not within the budget to buy another couch or rebuild the house, so... for now it is what it is.

Here is Todd doing some dishes...
We did quartz counter tops (Hanstone in "Tiffany Gray") and white cabinets, because I am still a white cabinet girl. Our floor is 12" x 24" gray porcelain tiles laid in a brick pattern. The tiles look like grass cloth and are Fiona proof.

Here is Todd looking into fridge to see if there is anything to eat... which there isn't.

Here is Todd sitting and laughing at something witty you just said.
The dining room wall is a stencil that I made from an Art Nouveau book. I will blog about that later. The stencil is not finished yet. It will have birds and flowers (you can see a small finished portion on the far left).

Here is Todd waking up in our lovely "winter" bedroom.
The trees are stencils from Urban Outfitters. The wall color is a wonderful slate gray from Restoration Hardware that I LOVE. I was worried that it would be too dark, but I really love the crisp white and gray with yellow and white bedding. There is a white wardrobe with a gray tree stenciled on it to the side. I also like our bedside lights that hang instead of sitting on the night table. I still need to hide the cords.

Here's Todd in his thinking place...
I am going to paint the bathroom a lighter gray and do something fabulous with tile. Someday...

Todd is still excited to go upstairs, even though the upstairs is decidedly not exciting.
I LOVE our carpet. It's a mix of low and looped pile and it has subtle stripes. It is wheat colored and has already weathered 5 ladies with the stomach flu and one dog who ate a 5 lb. bag of chocolate chips. It still looks great!

Here's Todd in the guest room. He didn't want to leave.
I imagine that this room will be beachy and tranquil.

This is the daybed in my craft room. He didn't want to leave here either, in fact, he didn't. He's still there.
Fiona is keeping him company. She also took his shoes. The craft room is still not perfect. I have a lot of stuff to organize and get rid of. It is also Fiona's secret hide out. If I leave the door open, she brings her "treasures" up here. If I am missing something like slippers or a 5 lb bag of flour or chocolate chips, it will be in her hideout.

This is the map papered 1/2 bath that I love.
I tiled the walls 1/2 way up on two walls and then the map covers the rest. It was the first thing I did and I love it.

Here's some other stuff I did this summer:

We went to Florida to visit Tyler, Brittany, & Owen. It was heavenly. They live in such a beautiful place. We miss them SOOOOO much!

I went to Connecticut to visit Emily & the little ladies:

I walked on air!
I drove a submarine.
I saw the old sites and some great "old" friends.
We went to Sturbridge Village and did old fashioned-y things...
We made headbands galore...
I was purposely trying to make that look awkward.
Then Emily & the Little Ladies came to my house... and got sick.
It was the stomach flu which we all got, even some of the cousins. But I did not throw up. How, you ask, can you get the stomach flu and NOT throw up? Oh, you can... you CAN.
We visited the Bingham Copper mine. It's a mile deep.
And then I lost my our brand new camera and don't have documentation of Sarah's visit or of Spencer and Sho and the wedding we all attended. Or of Todd's mom and dad's visit or Darcy's visit or of Tyler and Brittany's visit. Or of Girl's Camp. It's been non-stop fun. Just the way summer should be.


michaelstubbs said...

Thanks for letting us stop in. You have a lovely home.

Beth said...

Todd's a handsome guy, but what I'd really love to see him in is a stormtrooper costume. What can we do to make that happen?

Beth said...

And I'll shut up about your art nouveau stencil NEVER! I love it!

Mrs JP Chaos said...

I think it's been a while since I told you how adorable you there you go...YOU? ADORABLE.

And so is your home.

Brittany said...

How happy am I right now? Really... so so happy. I love when you blog!!! Plus, you are so witty and funny and we love seeing Todd posing in all of the pictures. We miss you guys so much!

katyvee said...

I feel like I need to study your shots for a half hour to remember all the necessary comments I must now make.
I have, I'm quite sure, short term (along with long term)memory loss--so I'll do my best.
Love our stripe chairs upon entering.
Love your counter tops and flooring.
Love Todd laughing at how witty I am.
Love your mapped wall-- and think it might help me and my kin actually learn where countries were if we copied. Permission??
Moving on..
I love your bedroom.. and that is unique and fresh and crisp.
Lastly,I love that you pose like my Mom almost all the time.
Darling as they come you are.

Theresa said...

oooh. I don't think I can ever be as modern and chic as your are,... I Love you Carrie Ann. Some day I'm going to be as beautiful and talented as you are. :) can I have a winter bedroom please? Todd = happiness. I think you would agree. said...

Okay you probably think it's totally random that I am commenting or even looking at your blog, but I was going through old emails and found your blog url from Britt. I thought I'd check-in and was happy to see a new post.

I love to see that Todd showers and sleeps in his suit.

Where did you get the map for your bathroom? We have a bunch of jumbled little ones hanging in our bonus room, but I would love to replace it with one gi-ganto map.

Loved Scotland!

The fourth bedroom is ready for you guys!

the wrath of khandrea said...

you guys could totally afford a new sectional if you didn't have to spend so much on dry cleaning for the man who sleeps and showers in his suit.

Abby said...

I love that you blogged. I just love it.
Love the house and the hubby. There are too many ooh's and ah's to comment here (although Katy did a pretty darn good job). I can't wait to see you...and I expect you to keep this up--no teasing. You are BACK!

Marilyn said...

Oh! Hello. What lovely pictures. I so enjoy interacting with Todd in this way (he thinks I'm MUCH funnier in that picture than he does in person). I really do love your stencil too. And your bedroom. And you walking on air?? How on earth . . .?

You are adorable.

M-L said...

We have missed you and your blog! so good to see you back! we will be back (home) soon too.
We are not sorry we missed the flu episode but we cannot believe you did not throw up...
We (Chip is right there looking over my shoulder) love your home!

Emma Jo said...

I'm sorry I just finished hyperventilating from the excitement of finding a new post...a post so chock full of information that I had to lie down for a while. I love your is comfy and homey and so lovely I didn't ever want to leave (except to escape from the shame of bringing the plague upon everyone.) You are beautiful and talented and I love you and miss you.
PS I have no recollection of you taking that picture of me on the floor with the headbands and hot glue gun. Scary.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, I thought we had lost you forever in the blogging world...and then suddenly you are here and I feel happy and content! Your home IS lovely...I keep meaning to look up that "no man's land" patch on the map in your bathroom. My geography IQ has soared since that installation...

mo said...

Hope springs eternal when it comes to checking to see if perchance you have blogged again...mostly I just sigh and keep hoping. Then suddenly....could it be? Has she really done it? YES! YES! YES! A new Carrie blog! I think your house is absolutely divine. The red stencil in the kitchen is so daring and fresh. How did you ever think if it? And the die for beautiful. Can I claim some credit for producing you?

J said...

I am so excited to finally see your house. It is amazing. You are sooo talented.

Wendy said...

That is no servant's quarters. :) I love your new home. Its full of charm and has been fully Carriefied, as I knew it would be. I love it. I love how Todd is your willing model. And you make me laugh.

Suzie Petunia said...

That picture of you walking on air deserves a frame and a place of honor. Maybe a photography contest. I think it is awesome.

I have to ask. Did you make Todd put on a suit to re-create the house pictures? He's such a nice guy I bet he would.

And for those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting Carrie and Todd's home... let me tell you it FEELS even nicer than it looks. They've got a real nice vibe goin' on their. (I think it is called "The Spirit".) I love these people.

Mary said...

yay! I have been waiting for this post. Love, love your house! I was so excited seeing it. I just wanted to jump off my chair and come design anything with you. Looks so fun, modern, fresh and you. Love the gray in the bedroom, love, love white cabinets in the kitchen. Love the map bathroom....the stencil in the bedroom as well as the dining area. OH...I could go on, but really you should just give me a tour. I coming to Utah in please, please say you will be around.

Suzie Petunia said...

I just realized I said "their" instead of "there" and I'm real embarrassed and had to mention that I know better.

Thank you.

Kacy said...

I love your house.