Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I can't believe I don't blog more.

Well, it's that time of year... it's Birthmonth time! A mere 24 hours is just not long enough to celebrate the anniversary of a birth, so I have declared October my birthmonth (it IS my birth month, but I am making it my birthmonth... one word... semantics are everything!) One day of celebration used to be enough. I think that celebration is proportional to age: soon I'll be celebrating my birthyear and then my birthdecade, etc. If I am 90 and want to celebrate for a decade, who's to stop me? Not you! You'll probably be dead.

I've been asked, "What did you do on your birthday?" Fair enough, just remember what I said about one day not being enough...

I woke up way too early and, not wanting to wake up Todd early on a Saturday just to make me breakfast in bed, I puttered around the house.

When Todd realized that I was home and NOT at choir practice he brought me my present. He handed it to me while my eyes were closed (he's not much of a wrapper...):

Carrie: "Oh, yay! I needed a new teapot. Thank you, sweetheart."

Todd: "Yeah, sorry the lid is so small."

Carrie: "That's OK, I don't need a big tea pot anyway. And the lid just needs to be big enough for me to put water inside."

Todd: "Well, some people like to put things inside their tea pots."

Carrie: "I just put in water."

Todd: "Well, some people like to put in other things."

Carrie: "Besides water? Like what?"

Todd: "I don't know. Just other things."

I just stared at him for a moment. It was still early. But then he LOOKED at the teapot and I got it... I may be older, but that doesn't make me wiser... inside the teapot I found shopping. I love shopping. That's one of the best gifts you can get me... shopping, unless I need a new teapot.


So the rest of the day was spent doing laundry and getting Todd ready to go to Orlando. I would have gone with him, but I could not fit it into my teaching schedule. I drove Todd to the airport and kissed him goodbye. I love that man.

I drove over to the Brigham and picked up Mo for the quickest IKEA run ever. We ran in, got what we needed, and ran out. Birthday efficiency! Mo broke a lantern, so what!

Then we drove over to Market Street Grill and met Dad, Grandma & Grandpa Green, Amy & Chris, and Chip & Marie-Laure for a wonderful dinner. The food was good & the company better.

So the birthday celebrations continue on! Thank you Mom & Dad for more shopping, and for the beautiful red beret! Chip and Marie-Laure, thank you for the wonderful dinner on Sunday night, a delicious harvest feast, and I have enjoyed phone calls and notes from friends everyday since. Thank you, everyone! Let's keep the party going for at least 16 more days! Hurry home, Todd!


Beth said...

You pretty much have to be my friend now that we're sharing a presidency together, right? So, I can stop lurking and just, heck!, make a comment now and again.
Happy Birthday!
What teaching schedule? Are you a teacher? I love teaching (except when it involves teaching adults, and then it's just too intimidating.)
Hooray for getting taken out to dinner! That's the best reason of all to have a birthmonth.

Lucky Mommy said...

I love Market Street Grill. Happy birthday month! Enjoy your teapot all winter long!

Yolanda said...

When do I get a day out of your "month of honor?!" I'll give you a bottle of my peaches?!

Total side note--LOVING your hair!! The cut is FABULOUS!! Wanted to tell you at book club, but, I was busy trying not to look stupid...

michaelstubbs said...

Happy birthmonth, Carrie.

mo said...

Hey, it's my birthmonth, too! Let's celebrate all month together!!! You have to get better first--you're not supposed to get sick during your birthmonth, ya know. Poor poor baby! Bless your heart!

katyvee said...

First off! I love that you love your husband. Second off! Happy Birthday to you!! I heart birthdays. (Actually consider myself a bit of a birthday fairy, if you will..)People in my ward I think are a little freaked out when they hardly know me and I show up with a balloon or random treat just cause it's their birthday. I LIKE birthdays..SO! If I was a minute less than 2 hours from you.. I woulda been RIGHT there on your doorstep in celebration. Better yet.. woulda been at that darling dinner. I love Market Street.. and I love all those people that were there. Everytime I see pictures of your family it makes me wanna be smack dab in the middle of the event. Love your guts.. and love that you're still celebrating.
P.S. Just because I was in too big-a rush to leave a comment the day I read your 'impending death' statement, know now that I was terribly entertained by it.. and plan to attend, if still alive and kicking. I'll bring a pinata for the kids.

Mary said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday! I haven't seen your hair at this new shortest lenght. LOVE IT! Sooo cute!!! I wish I had the face to pull it off! You look FAB.

JP said...

Happy Birthmonth to you!

I'm so on board for all of your celebrating...way to make it all your own! :)

Love the pictures of ya...your so purdy. Enjoy the shopping!!

andrea said...

happy birthday, ma chere! hope the month is fantastic for you.
all my smoochies,

Carrie Anne said...

todd is such a rhodes...that is so something james would do! we have birthday week at our house b/c we don't plan well enough ahead to get everything done for the actual bday. how fun for you! happy birthday...i didn't know you were an october baby, too! my bday is the 24th! so fun! i hope the celebration is continuing!

Cassidy said...

I really love your hair!!! And Happy BirthMonth!! You deserve a whole month anyway!

Suzie Petunia said...

WHEW! I am so glad it is your birthMONTH. That means my gift if not actually late! :) Happy Birthmonth! I love you!

Amy Lynn said...

Hurray for Carrie and the celebration of her birth! And hurray for birthmonth parties that last for 30 days...and hurray for wonderful sisters...and hurray for berets and yellow gloves. It is all so fabulous...just like you!

emma jo said...

Why is your hair so dang cute? and I love that our Mother is the one that broke something, not the child.