Wednesday, February 08, 2012

'Bout Time: What, Did You Just Have a Baby?

I thought I would have so much more time for this. As my M-I-L pointed out, I have not been great about sending out photos for her (or others) to brag about. I am still in a baby time warp. Here's a sampling of my day:


Wake up late (anywhere from 9 am to 2 pm)
Take a happy picture of Oliver to send to Todd
Feed the baby and play solitaire
Hold the baby
Watch some Grey's Anatomy while holding the baby
Feed the baby
Hold the baby
Kiss the baby
Watch some more TV
Feed the baby
Remember to eat, eat a lot
Hold the baby
Feed the baby
Go to bed

I am loving it.

Mo came to help for almost 2 weeks. It was heaven. Mo has more energy than any one I naps helped her keep up the energy.


We got SO MUCH DONE! The nursery got finished, the loft was organized, and my mental health was restored.

I bought her an "Oliver-care Uniform" to match mine.


Mo was my angel!


And now for an Oliver-cuteness break:


While Mo was here, and while the Tyler & Brittany Rhodes were still in town, we blessed Oliver.


It was wonderful. We had our family and loved ones here in our home. The Bishop presided, and Todd gave the most beautiful blessing.



All of the Rhodes kids (and their kids) had been able to be together just after Christmas. We love being together!

Ollie loves Aunt Darcy!


While Mo was here, Abby and Lil' Boo came to meet the babies.


Lil' Boo is such a good big sister/cousin (regardless of OK's face)!


Also while Mo was here, another little baby boy joined us... Little SP!


Amy & Chris' little boy was born and got to meet his Aunts, his Mo, and his cousins. I should have a photo of Amy holding her boy, but we wouldn't give her the chance while we were in the same room as him! Mo was in grandbaby heaven.


Here's another Oliver-cuteness break:




We visited Grandma Green a couple of times while all the family was here.


We LOVE Grandma and LOVE to see her being so cute with our babies.



After Mo left, I finally made my terrarium that I have been obsessing about.


It took about 20 minutes to put together, and I get tremendous satisfaction from it.


It's a little bit of summer sitting on my table during winter.


So, it's been a FUN few weeks. Oliver is 9 weeks old today and it feels like it's gone by in a flash and yet, it's like he's always been here with us. Todd and I are still amazed at the love and support flowing to us and our very loved little boy. I am so pleased and amazed at how LOVED he is by so many people. People want to meet him, hold him, LOVE him. What a nice situation to be in when you enter the world. I hope he always feels this loved and included. I hope he will always have confidence in the love of his family and friends. What a blessing to go through life believing you were wanted and looked-forward-to and loved by virtue of BEING.

So to end this catching-up session... some more Oliver-cuteness:



michaelstubbs said...

Yeah, he is cute. Nice work.

Lucky Mommy said...

I love the cuteness pictures! I can't decide which is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the many moods and faces of little OK. And I love that you're able to just relax and enjoy him. What fun!

Emma Jo said...

Cute. I really can't think of anything more descriptive. Lovely, and cute.

brittany said...

the matching oliver care outfits are AWESOME. I love you and your family, too.

wendys said...

I like him. 3 cheers for Oliver.

Brittany said...

He is so darling! I LOVE him. He is looking so grown up to me. It makes me so sad that we won't see him until he's five months older. I LOVE that he is smiling. I also LOVE that pic of Olli on Todd's shoulder. How cute is that? For reals lady. Love it, love him, love you.

Wendy said...

A-DOR-ABLE. That's what OK is. I love him already. I really can't wait to meet him. Love you friend!

mo said...

I feel so Oliverized now! I needed that fix. I miss him, especially when I wear my team Oliver uniform!

Mrs JP Chaos said...

LOVED this. I'm so happy for you all. What a beautiful family!

J said...

He is very, very cute. I love the first pict because I love cuddling with my babies in bed.

Jangs said...

He is cuteness itself. Love the matching uniforms. And I have to say one of my favorite memories is lying in the corner of a couch with a tiny baby a sleep on my chest. Love to you all

Emily M. said...

I feel so much happiness when i read your blog. i don't use the word perfect hardly ever, but this is just so perfect. it's so perfect that you are little oliver's mom, and i feel perfect happiness taking a peak into your baby time warped life (perfect way to phrase that, by the way). you are a wonderful person carrie-- i am so *perfectly* lucky to know you. :)

ps. i will state again how AMAZING you look. you are glowing and beautiful!

Abby said...

He is tow-head, no? So very sweet. I think I was going to comment on other things, but he is too cute. Oh, I thought your bit about him being wanted and loved etc was sweet. Very sweet.

Julie said...

I'm so late to the post!! He is just beautiful and sooo adorable an sweet and wonderful!! I love the pictures keep them coming when you can!

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Suzie Petunia said...

So you have an adorable baby and you stop posting? That is so cruel.

Jacklyn Wallace said...

Very beautiful! I know how tiring it can be with a new child. I have three beautiful babies! Our youngest one was a premie, you can see her on my blog

I loved the matching oliver care outfits! :) super cute!

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