Friday, June 27, 2008

Viva Las Vegas: Part I

Welcome_to_vegas day

We are counting this as our vacation for the year, though it was a quasi-vacation at best. Todd had to be in Vegas for two weeks running conventions so I came down for a week to hang out with Abby and to “keep Todd company”. I usually hate Las Vegas, but had I known the magical time I was to have last week, I would have spent the full two weeks down there enjoying sister time, romantic evenings with Todd, and eating out at really good places on the company’s dime (so to speak).

We stayed at the Venetian, which was a pretty sweet deal. Our room was on the 33rd floor over looking the pools (including the “European-optional-clothing-pool”) and Treasure Island hotel and casino (so we could see their new “show” each night… totally lame with scantily clad “sirens” singing “let’s go all the way!” to crowds of adults and children).

Here is the view of the pools: the “topless” pool is the one at the very top. We had binoculars (a must in Las Vegas) but we didn’t see anything untoward. You know the only people who would actually swim topless would be real Europeans who you would NOT want to see topless.

View of pools

This is our swanky room:

Hotel Room
weird green pillow

It was fun. I fell in love with the bathroom. It was perfect. Todd and I mused about selling our home and moving into a hotel. It had everything we needed. It was big enough, too, with the nice couch and separate “bedroom” area. I figure to live at the Venetian it would break down like this:

For two people…
Room (daily rate): $200 – ish
Small breakfast: $26.00
Lunch: $50.00
Dinner: $80.00
Daily water supply: $12.00

Daily total: $368
Yearly total: $134,320

So we’re not going through with that plan; it’s like having a monthly mortgage of $11,000 (although utilities and upkeep are included). Las Vegas is expensive. Throughout the week I had become so conditioned to my $4.00 water bottles that by the time Abby and I went to the movies I was thinking I was getting a screaming deal with $7.00 popcorn.

Speaking of spending money… thank goodness for gift cards. I still had my Anthropologie gift card from Mom and Dad from Christmas, so I hauled myself out onto the strip (I felt so exposed after being safely cloistered in the Venetian!) and headed to the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace. So many details to mention and so little attention span. Each moment was an adventure. I found a dress
red dress

and a shirt
red blouse

and a necklace.
that bird ran up my credit card

I wore my heels out walking up to the Miracle Mile Mall. The H&M sucks there (yes, it can people) and Urban Outfitters is in a three story space and all the clothes are on the third floor. It didn't stop me from buying a lovely, light, luscious, tissue thin cardigan (a sophisticated lady layers... even in the summer).

I am SO grateful for the illegal vendors who sell ice cold water on the bridges. Seriously. They saved my life a million times... well, two times. I love them. They are the smartest people in Las Vegas. And what a bargain! Bottles water for a dollar! "May you be invisible to the cops..."

Here's what Todd was doing all week:
where Todd was all day
There he is!
hard at work
This whole week he and the crew had to wear black shirts and black pants. They looked like hair stylists. But it was SO strange to have Todd so close, but so far away. I would walk down and say "hi" sometimes and feel so guilty for walking away and going to the pool...

One of Vegas's LARGEST attractions that week was hanging out with Abby> and Caleb
abby and caleb
(again while her husband James slaved away... Oh, the searing conscious of a woman of leisure...). We went swimming, we ate, we went to the movies, we went to Target, we went to get our nails done. Heaven except for the 104 degrees (the fact that people spit their gum out on the pavement in Las Vegas is unconscionable... do you know what that kind of heat does to gum?) Here we are being pampered...
ladies of leisure
(See that full sugar Dr.Pepper? I know... who does that? Oh yeah, Metabigail McCoy.) This is Abby from the side:
baby coming soon?
She actually looks normal here, but the size of her bump loosed the mouths of every sales clerk and stranger we encountered. "Oh my gosh, are you having twins!?" "When are you due?" Abby handled it with grace, and now she's got a darling little lady to show for it!>

More to come!


andrea said...

love your semi-annual updates. it seems whenever victoria's secret puts their stuff on sale, or bath and body works has 75% clearance, i can expect a post from CAOR.

glad you got away. it's always a treat. if you move into the hotel after all, let me know and i'll be your new visiting teacher. i'll be very diligent.

Svenska & Sheaux said...

What fun! I can't wait to meet our new niece. Wait a second. Did you say "vacation of the year"? It can't be!! When are you coming to DC to play?

brittany said...

HI! I loved your update! What a week. Let's get together, friend.

Parker said...

Looks like so much fun. I just wanted to tell you that I love your new finds. The dress, the adorable shirt and the fun birdie necklace are treasures for sure.

Suzie Petunia said...

You posted! You REALLY posted! Hooray!

What a fancy-schmancy room! And it sounds like you had so much fun with Abby. What a perfect way to pass the time during her last week of pregnancy. But poor, poor Todd.

Abby said...

Yes, thank you for including me in your paradisicle (sp) week. It made the time go by so fast! Your room was so fancy...Let's do it again sometime when we're both rich!

Carrie Anne said...

i think that i need you to take me shopping so that i can be more hip and not frump of america mom with sagging nursing boobs! you always find the best things!
what a super fun vacation for you! it was very fun seeing you at the rhodes reunion-as always!