Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just to Break the Chain of Unending Monotony

This is a gift for those of you who are tired of my ecstatic face. I am tired of my ecstatic face.

Well, all my good blogging intentions availeth me nothing. I fear writing about the backed up tidal wave of undocumented capers and adventures this summer. Why do I always think summer is going to be so leisurely and slow...too much reading as a child? Too romantic? Perhaps.

So here is the lowdown:

I love my life.

I sleep in.

I spend as much time with Todd as possible.

I am working on a library for an elementary school in American Fork: pro bono.

I am making temple dresses (for people who paid a long time ago!).

I am loving my chickens. They bring me joy.

I have a tan for the first time in YEARS.

I am busy with the young women at church: they are needy but very funny.

I have enjoyed sisters and nieces and nephews all summer.

I sew things that I like and make baby gifts and quilts.

I still manage to run around like crazy trying to get everything done that I need to. Once I list it all out I question how I can be so busy, but I am. How did I ever work full time AND travel?

All I know is that I wish I were spending more time with you, my blog people.

Till we meet again...


Tony said...

I don't for one minute believe that you have a tan.


Sades said...

i wish i had chikens! they sound fun:) and i don't like tan people....jk lol:) i love to sleep in.

emma jo said...

I did love your ecstatic face but I was beginning to think that is what you look like all the time, and then trying to decide how to avoid seeing you face to face. I mean, I like your normal looking face much better.

Suzie Petunia said...

I love your chickens, too! They are beautiful birds who love their mama. I love how they wait for you by the front door in the evening - just waiting for you to take them to bed and tuck them in.

I am glad you are enjoying your summer. All of your projects are so creative and worth while. I wish I could say the same for mine!

Abby said...

Thank you. Now could you fix the fact that you have to scroll down forever to see your posts??? What the heck? I hear the ladies at the school worship you, btw.

brittany said...

I am happy to read about your life. Sometimes it's nice to see it written like that. It makes things seem so simple, doesn't it?

I miss you.

Sam & Lea said...

Carrie, So good to hear from old friends, oh how I love the internet! Although this blogging thing is starting to consume me, but I love it. Stay in touch