Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Shoots Gravel from a Cannon?

Recently, I went to This is the Place Heritage Park with Mo and Dad.
this is the place heritage park

We attended the "christening" of two new trains that will carry people around the park. Well there were supposed to be two. They wanted to have a mini golden spike ceremony to commemorate the mini trains, but only one train was finished on time. There were many "pioneers" there, and Brigham Young himself MC-ed the event.

This is Mo and Dad standing in front of the ZCMI replica general store. I think Dad is sponsoring the store this year. Doesn't he look so natural standing there?
Dad the merchant

As we were waking back to the car after the festivities, we heard a loud BOOM, and naturally, we stopped and sort of ducked. We looked up and saw a "pioneer" in the middle of the street with a small cannon. No sooner had we registered this sight than smoking gravel began pelting us from above. Smoking gravel. My first thought was "Who shoots gravel from a cannon in a public setting?"

As the gravel continues to rain down, we realized that it was salt water taffy. Little pieces of smoking salt water taffy were now all around, and out of nowhere kids were suddenly scooping it up off the sidewalks and off the dirt streets. Because, candy. The children gathered in like chickens as the "pioneer man" threw out fresh, un-charred pieces to the crowd. This is why I like replica pioneer villages.
children like chickens


mo said...

Hah, what a treat. To be pelted with burning candy was a totally new experience, I must admit...and did I mention the unique smell of burning taffy? I just keep asking myself...what was that guy thinking?

emma jo said...

Mmmm, toasted salt water taffy sounds kind of tasty...Did you try it?
People dressed up in period costumes fascinate and scare me.

Suzie Petunia said...

Somehow I still wish I could have been there... charred taffy and all!

Svenska & Sheaux said...

that is really funny.

Kara said...

Hello Sista Ocarson it's been way to many years and I found your cute site on the mission web. Your life looks so fun and happy. Come visit me anytime. It would be great to hear from you. You look so freakin cute!